When you use a face visor on your hardhat, there is often a gap between the visor and the front brim of your hardhat.   This gap allows a variety of hazardous substances to fall into your face.   These can include everything from rain, splashing chemicals, dust and powders, vegetative debris, etc…, depending on the type of work you are doing.

Our Visor Sealer™ covers this problematic gap to protect your face.   And, this “seal” is maintained even when you raise or lower your visor!


  • Using a versatile “hook and loop” attachment system, the Visor Sealer™ can be used with most hardhat visor systems.   The light-weight fabric provides a tight seal but will not interfere with the normal operation of the visor.
  • The Visor Sealer™ also fits a variety of headband earmuff and visor combinations when hardhats are not used.
Attaches with hook & loop
Works well with headband muff + visor system









  • Our standard Visor Sealer™ is made of high-visibility fluorescent orange “Nyloprene.” This light-weight stretchy material will repel most liquids and debris and is suitable for the majority of applications.
  • Our specialized Visor Sealer™ is made of “Oasis™” material and provides FR and arc flash protection.   It is also approved for molten aluminum and iron.
Seal is always maintained
Keeps out dirt + debris
Provides UV protection
Food Processing Visor Sealer
Visor Sealer In Food Processing







  • We can apply a reflective strip to the Visor Sealer™ for additional safety in low-light conditions.
  • The option to have your company name or logo printed on the Visor Sealer™ is also available.
Custom Printing and Reflective tape available