About LVM

Lynn Valley Mfg. is a Canadian company that has embraced innovation since 1987. We specialize in high-quality, safety apparel and heavy-duty suspenders. Our staff has over 50 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. We produce handmade products and inspect each to ensure the utmost quality.

There are several things that we believe are fundamental to our business philosophy:

  •  We look at problems as opportunities, from different perspectives;  sometimes radical ones!
  • We keep our products simple, practical and don’t compromise on quality, designing each one with careful and insightful consideration towards it’s purpose and the needs of the customer.
  • We listen…really listen, to end-users who are having a specific problem and work hard to determine if there is something we can do to help provide a solution.
  • We encourage our customers to give us feedback so we can continue offering unique and effective solutions.