Our dress suspenders are classy, yet not too snobby and are appropriate for any casual or formal event.   The 1″ models are made with brass-plated clips, adjusters and back divider. The 1.5″ models also have brass-plated clips and adjusters and are finished with a 4.5 oz nu-buck leather back-patch embossed with our “LYNN VALLEY” logo.


Heavy-Duty Clip-On

These quality “work hard/play hard” suspenders are made for the serious dude who doesn’t compromise.   Solid steel clips with nickle plate finish are guaranteed not to break or slip.   Black nylon sliders and a leather back-patch complete the package.   Available in 1.5″ and 2″ heavy elastic.


Heavy-Duty Button-On

For the old fashioned look, or our lumberjack friends, the button-on suspender is the way to go (Make sure you have suspender buttons on your pants!).   We use the same heavy-weight elastic, nylon sliders and leather back-patch as the HD clip-on models.   The 1.5″ button-on models have a medium-weight leather thong for more casual scenarios while the 2″ models use a beefier leather thong suitable for more demanding situations.



They’re really strong

Our Bulldog Braces offer you overkill in every department… Super heavy-weight 2″ elastic, nylon sliders, and black electro-plated steel clips (or extra heavy-weight leather thongs).   A ferocious “BULLDOG” logo, heat embossed on the thick back leather patch, warns the entire world that you are not a guy to mess with!



For the fun-loving personality, who doesn’t mind being the centre of attention, we offer a collection of printed patterns in 1.5″ Dress Clip models as well as 2″ Heavy-Duty Clip models.



Our standard suspenders are all cut 48″ (122cm) and will fit most bodies out there up to 6’4″ (194cm) or 220lbs (100kg), whichever comes first!   The “tall” models are cut at 60″ (152cm) and are endorsed by the NBA.


Suspender Buttons

Often called Bachelor Buttons because they do not need to be sewn on (unlike the old days)!   We offer two types; a metal button/stud or a black nylon button that looks like a conventional button.  Warning:  Once they are snapped on, they won’t come off!   So make it good the first time you put them on.