Custom-Fit™ Soft Goods

cervical collar
Orthopad as a cervical collar

Ortho-Pad™ soft goods are designed to provide maximum patient comfort – at a lower cost and greater convenience for the health-care provider.

The Ortho-Pad™ System eliminates the need for stocking and ordering a much larger number and assortment of pre-made soft goods.

Some of the many uses of Ortho-Pads™ include: cervical collars, clavicle straps, arm slings, wheelchair and posture supports, wrist and ankle protectors, and general use padding.

Ortho-Pads™ are both comfortable and supportive.   They are constructed from a medium density foam with a soft breathable fabric cover that is easily cleaned (latex-free).   A hook & loop closure system provides practical and unlimited adjustment.

ortho pad roll
Orthopads come in a roll for ease of use

Ortho-Pads™ are very easy to use!   You simply select the desired width (2.5″; 3″; 3.5″; 4″; 4.5″) ( 6.4cm; 7.6cm; 8.9cm; 10.2cm; 11.4cm) and cut off the required length.   A hook piece then fastens the padding to the appropriate dimension and tension.

All Ortho-Pad™ rolls measure 204″ (518cm) long and are packaged in convenient clearly labelled dispenser boxes.   Pre-cut Cervical Collars are also available.








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