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Cast/Post-Operative Shoes

Cast Shoe

Our Cast shoes in action!

  • Shock absorbing air-cushioned sole with improved rocker – provides more natural, more comfortable gait.
  • Extremely wear resistant sole – for longer life.
  • Maximum tread design – for greater safety.
  • Nonabsorbent inner sole – dries quickly when wet and helps to control odours.
  • Better strap positioning – provides more secure fastening and permits a wider range of adjustment.
  • Designed for use as both a cast and post-operative shoe – to reduce inventory requirements.
  • Available in all sizes including small pediatric sizes: Youth (P1; P2) Adult (XS;S;M;L)

Sizing Guide

Convenient foot sizing guide – saves time by eliminating guesswork when choosing correct size.

Cast Shoe


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