From a couple of old concepts came an entirely new idea!   After testing a vast array of materials and designs, we are very pleased to offer you several truly unique and versatile products.

ORBIS® reflective line provides a heightened level of visibility and identification in a practical and inexpensive package.   We are confident you will come to find them indispensable!

  • Orbis Reflective Bands

    Orbis Reflective Bands (2)

    When you are wearing fluorescent and reflective safety accessories, the higher off the ground, the better chance of being seen.   That’s why the super bright halo effect from the ORBIS “UNI” is so important!
  • Orbis Reflective Belts

    Orbis Reflective Belts (1)

    The High-Vis Belts can adjust from 26" to 90" (66cm - 230cm), enabling it to be worn in Summer (e.g., over a T-shirt) or in Winter (e.g., over a parka).   A robust nylon buckle can function smoothly in virtually any environment and a side-release design makes it easy to open and close.   We have incorporated a "hook and loop" breakaway feature into our reflective belt so it will open and come off should it get caught on a vehicle, machine, etc.
  • Orbis Reflective Braces

    Orbis Reflective Braces (1)

    These braces are fully adjustable to fit most people – XL also available.   The heavy duty steel clips are guaranteed not to slip and can be used on regular pants or clamped onto a tool-belt.   They can also be attached to the reflective belt to produce a full harness-like system.