Introducing our brand new “Slim” model Orbis!

ORBIS® reflective bands provide a heightened level of visibility and identification in a practical and inexpensive package.   We are confident you will come to find them indispensable!







  •  The ORBIS® “Slim” is a reflective helmet band made to fit virtually any protective headgear – from a construction hardhat to motorcycle helmets.
  • The backside is coated with a very special super-grip/no-slip compound that “sticks” to any smooth surface while under tension.
  • A slim profile and +100% stretch capacity enables the “Slim” to fit and conform to most helmets.
  • When you stretch the ORBIS® “Slim” over your helmet, it will stay put and shine like a halo warning all that you are there!

Orbis reflective band motorcycle helmet Orbis reflective band equestrian helmet Orbis reflective band on bicycle helmet Orbis reflective band on baseball cap