From a couple of old concepts came an entirely new idea!   After testing a vast array of materials and designs, we are very pleased to offer you two truly unique and versatile products.

ORBIS® reflective bands provide a heightened level of visibility and identification in a practical and inexpensive package.   We are confident you will come to find them indispensable!




  • The ORBIS® “UNI” is a reflective helmet band made to fit virtually any protective headgear – from a construction hardhat to motorcycle helmets.
  • The bright fluorescent elastic provides excellent daylight visibility while the reflective silver stripe ensures you stand out in the dark.
  • The backside is coated with a very special super-grip/no-slip compound that “sticks” to any smooth surface while under tension.
  • A slim profile and +100% stretch capacity enables the “UNI” to fit and conform to most helmets.
  • When you stretch the ORBIS® “UNI” over your helmet, it will stay put and shine like a halo warning all that you are there!

Orbis on Hardhat with Visor and EarmuffsOrbis Reflective Headband Hardhat with Visor and EarmuffsOrbis Reflective band on military helmetOrbis reflective band on bump cap

Orbis reflective band cyclist helmet


Features & Benefits

Orbis reflective band helmet stretch

  • Fluorescent elastic (orange or yellow/green) 38mm(1.5″)
  • Highly reflective 25mm(1″) 3M™ silver tape
  • Fits most hardhats and helmets (60cm – 120cm) (24″-48″)
  • Quick and easy to put on
  • Stays in position until removed
  • Can be easily removed, exchanged or transferred
  • No adhesives
  • Custom printing available



When you are wearing fluorescent and reflective safety accessories, the higher off the ground, the better chance of being seen.   That’s why the super bright halo effect from the ORBIS® “UNI” is so important!

Whether you’re inside, outside, on the road, in the bush or underground, the additional level of visibility provided by the ORBIS® “UNI” can help to prevent accidents.

Can you tell who’s wearing an Orbis?

Between crews, contractors, clients, visitors etc…, a work-site can be a crowded and confusing place.   By using the  ORBIS® “UNI”, it is now easy to identify and differentiate departments and responsibilities at a glance!



orbis reflective band motorcycle night









The ORBIS® “UNI” lends itself to printing your company name or logo on it for a unique form of identification.   We also offer a stock selection of useful pre-printed options.