Neck Shade Standard

We originally conceived and designed the Neck Shade™ to attach to all helmets, offering protection from the sun’s UV rays.

Since then, we have expanded our offering with additional materials, extending the protection of our design to a multitude of hazards such as rain and snow, caustic chemicals, welding sparks and even molten metals as well as many more.



Neck Shade
Easy hook and loop application

-We make the Neck Shade™ extra large to ensure maximum coverage of the neck, shoulders and side of the face.

-A strip of “loop” fabric on top of the Neck Shade™ attaches to self-adhesive “hook patches”(included), which you can stick on the outside or inside of your helmet.   The adhesive is an acrylic base that will not harm the material your helmet is made from.

-Every Neck Shade™ comes with a pair of clips, enabling you to pull it around and clip it to your shirt collar. This provides additional protection on the sides of your face as well as securing the Neck Shade™ on windy days.

-The generous size of our Neck Shade™ even allows workers who wear earmuffs without helmets to enjoy protection.

-For those wearing ball caps, we provide an adjustable elastic band that enables attachment of our Neck Shade™.

Works with your ball cap too
Clips attach to collar
Can be worn inside helmet
Can attach to any headband muff


Neck shade hi visibility dimension





  • Our ultralight polyester Neck Shades™ are perfect for blocking UV rays yet porous enough to allow air to pass through.   Made from fluorescent fabric, they also provide a high degree of visibility.   These are perfect for the long hot days of Summer!
  • The nylon Neck Shields™  also block UV rays and additionally provide protection from rain, snow and other splashing liquids.   This can include petrochemicals, caustic solutions, food processing, etc…
  • We have also introduced Neck Shields™ in fabrics for more demanding situations.   Materials rated for FR, arc flash and molten metal protection are now available.



Neck Shade Food Processing











We offer our customers the option to have a company name or logo printed on our Neck Shade™.   We can also apply a reflective strip to the Neck Shade™ for additional safety in low light conditions.





IMPORTANT NOTICE:   Since we first designed and produced our original Neck Shades™, there have naturally been many many copies.   However, customers have told us they appreciate and prefer the superior quality of our Canadian made Neck Shades™ & Neck Shields™ with all the unique features and benefits such as generous size, wind clips, simplicity and method of attachment, variety of materials, customization options, etc….   So if these criteria are important to you as well, please ensure that you request the original LYNN VALLEY MFG. Neck Shade™ or Neck Shield™ when ordering from a dealer or distributor!