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Hellberg “XStream” LD Headset


• Music streaming with excellent sound quality
• Level dependent Active Listening microphones
• Comfortable headband with soft padding

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Hellberg “XStream” Headset


  • Music streaming with excellent sound quality
  • Easy to operate with push buttons
  • Comfortable headband with soft padding
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“ORBIS” Reflective Arm/Leg Band


Not your typical Armband or Legband!  The 1.5” (3.8cm) Industrial Knit high-stretch HI-VIS elastic is fully adjustable from 6” (15cm) to 18” (46cm).  Easily adjustable to a snug fit with one hand!   A non-slip coating on the inside surface provides friction to keep it in the desired place.

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Bulldog Suspenders


Our regular length offers a generous cut and is ideal for the vast majority of adults.

We also make an “XL” model for customers who need a bit more elastic for a comfortable fit.

We can apply 3M Reflective Silver Tape to the braces when high visibility, especially in low light conditions, is required.

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ORBIS Reflective Suspenders


Our ORBIS suspenders are fully adjustable to fit most people – XL is also available.

These HI-VIS Suspenders are made in CANADA with High Stretch 1.5” (38mm) wide Industrial Knit elastic and a 0.75” (16mm) 3M Silver Reflective Strip down the centre.

Available in Metal Clips with Nylon teeth to minimize possible damage to delicate materials and also in Heavy Duty Steel Clips for a non-slip attachment.

Please check out our new BULLDOG SUSPENDERS/BRACES for other Reflective options!

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Neck Shades


We originally conceived and designed the Neck Shade™ to attach to all helmets, offering protection from the sun’s UV rays.

Since then, we have expanded our offering with additional materials, extending the protection of our design to a multitude of hazards such as rain and snow, caustic chemicals, welding sparks, and even molten metals as well as many more.

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ORBIS “UNI” Reflective Helmet Band


From a couple of old concepts came an entirely new idea!   After testing a vast array of materials and designs, we are very pleased to offer you two truly unique and versatile products.

ORBIS® reflective bands provide a heightened level of visibility and identification in a practical and inexpensive package.   We are confident you will come to find them indispensable!

  • The ORBIS® “UNI” is a reflective helmet band made to fit virtually any protective headgear – from a construction hardhat to motorcycle helmets.
  • The bright fluorescent elastic provides excellent daylight visibility while the reflective silver stripe ensures you stand out in the dark.
  • The backside is coated with a very special super-grip/no-slip compound that “sticks” to any smooth surface while under tension.
  • A slim profile and +100% stretch capacity enable the “UNI” to fit and conform to most helmets.
  • When you stretch the ORBIS® “UNI” over your helmet, it will stay put and shine like a halo warning all that you are there!


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